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What is the Curiosity Cube’s mission?

The Curiosity Cube program began in 2017 as a platform to increase access to science education for 8-13 year-old students. Building on our Curiosity Labs program, in which our employees go into classrooms and conduct hands-on experiments with students, and the Curiosity Cube, the virtual Curiosity Cube allows us to extend our impact beyond the classroom to reach even more students and their families at schools and public events in a fun, accessible way on both the mobile and desktop platforms.

What concepts will my child learn from this game?

The virtual Curiosity Cube is designed to make learning science fun and interactive. Players can explore various unique game stations to learn about the different elements that exist around us as well as the important roles these elements play in our lives. They can also ask, watch, and vote on curated scientific questions by the community while learning about diverse careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. The content is designed to be an accessible and fun introduction to the periodic table.

Does this game give my child access to strangers or multiplayer gameplay?

Players cannot directly interact with any other players or strangers in the game. No live chat features are offered in this game. They can submit questions about science to our staff and vote on curated questions about science submitted by the community if you grant permission for this feature.

How can I view my child’s progress on the educational content?

You can view your child’s progress under Achievements in the settings of the game. Here you can view the different badges your child has earned as well as their points and scores on the different educational quizzes in the game.

How does this app keep my child’s privacy secure?

Privacy is our top priority when building this game. We use a platform called Kids Web Services to manage parental verification and privacy permissions to ensure a safe experience for your child. We will never share data with a 3rd party. For additional info, please review our privacy policy here.

I’m experiencing a bug or problem. What should I do?

Please reach out to us here. We would be glad to help you!